Commissioner Ruling 002

Posted on February 3, 2011 by



Stop slapping “gate” onto the end of every sports scandal.  No sports scandal, or any scandal for that matter, will be Water-Gate so stop trying to relate the two.  (Evidence and Reasoning below)


It would be better to just call this non-sense "The stupid strength and conditioning coach gets way too amped and thinks he's a part of the game scandal."

When Bill Belichick was caught video-taping New York Jets hand signals, and pre-game workouts in 2007 news sources dubbed it both “Videogate” and “Spygate.”  Thus began the “egregiosity.”  So far this year we’ve seen sweet titles like “Tripgate” and “Photogate” which speak volumes to the news media’s awesome ability to cover things that matter, like an injured player complaining that he won’t be in the team Super Bowl photo, and then giving them inventive names.



Watergate was Watergate, and nothing will ever be Watergate unless it happens in the Watergate building.  Furthermore, stop comparing sports scandals to somethings as large and damning as Watergate.  Unless you catch Brett Fave with his pants down taking a picture of Bill Belichick video taping the Jets catching him video taping hand signals on the sideline while the Jets are tripping players as Rex Ryan rips off a cheerleaders shoe and starts nibbling at her feet, I don’t wanna see the word gate anywhere near the non-original title the news media has for a sports scandal.
-Commissioner Storm Byrd