Arizona @ Cal: Live Game Thread (2.5.11)

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ARIZONA WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 107-105

UA 106 – Cal 104 with 4.8 seconds to go in the 3OT and Fogg is at the line shooting two!

MoMo has taken the game into his hands and is getting a well deserved rest. In the meantime, Parrom is ridiculous! (UA 102 – Cal 101).

TRIPLE OVERTIME!!!! Arizona’s first 3OT since 1973!!!

When the commentators are even telling the entire audience that the officiating was horrible, it IS!!!!! It is their job NOT to comment on the officiating!!! Come on man!

Kamp is like the King of Slop shots in Haas Pavilion. Unbelievable!

Perry fouls out. Horne takes his place.

Lavendar hits a big 3 (UA 90 – Cal 88).


Still no points from the Cal bench. Hmm…

Crabbe goes to the line on what I would call a good foul by Lavendar. Crabbe hits 2-2 and makes it a 2-point game. (UA 87 – Cal 85).

MoMo is a STAR! Tying the game! Taking the charge! Getting Gutierrez out of the game! Unbelievable!

‘Cats lead by one with 2:41 to go in OT. (UA 83 – Cal 82)

That’s OVERTIME baby!

MoMo hits a layout and is fouled with 16.6 seconds to go. The fate of the game rests in MoMo’s free throw.

Arizona down by three with 21.9 seconds left. Williams has fouled out. UA 70 – Cal 73

Cal’s Crabbe is making his case for his All-American bid. I swear I would PAY this guy to take half of these shots again. (UA 70 – Cal 73).

Parrom gets a HUGE rebound and put back to bring the ‘Cats within one! (UA 68 – Cal 69).

Williams hits a big 3-pointer to not only give him his double-double, but to also cure the anemic Wildcats offense. Wildcats are back within 3 points. (UA 66 – Call 69 w/ 2:59 to go in the 2nd)

Arizona has 11 fouls on the half, while Cal has only 5. Officiating?

Energy and pressure getting to Arizona. 69-63

Golden Bears take the lead with a steal. 61-59

The referees have decided to give the game to California. As usual, the PAC-10 officials are just making their best case of the year for “worst officiating crew in the country.”

Hill is accosted at the 3 point line and  that is an intentional foul, but Gutierrez throws Williams to the ground and that is just a pushing foul. UNBELIEVABLE!

Cal is now within one. 59-58.

MoMo Jones might have a penchant for hitting a bucket and then falling asleep on defense. Will investigate further.

Too often do we as a team trade a 3-point-play for a 3-point-play.

Fox Sports Arizona just showed an interesting statistic about the game, Arizona has 27 points off the bench, whereas Cal has a GOOSE EGG. That’s very indicative of the Wildcats this season and their recent success.


Parrom with some great moves!

Horne with another 3! That makes 9 points for him.

Besides the steal, the ‘Cats have come out flat. They have fallen asleep on defense and had no energy on offense. Despite a couple good offensive possessions with good shots that didn’t fall, they have been stagnant. Miller just cleaned house and pulled a “Change it up” from the Mighty Ducks. Subs come ALIVE!

Horne with ANOTHER 3!

Fun fact: No Wildcats were in double-digit scoring at the half. Here’s to evenly distributed offense!

10 seconds in – steal! Add two to for the ‘Cats. (46-38 UA over Cal)

Wildcats lead the Golden Bears at half, 44-38, but led by as many as nine.

Kevin Parrom showing up in a big way to help the Wildcats close out the half strongly. He has 5 points, 1 rebound, 2 assists and 2 steals all within just a few minutes on the court.

Meanwhile, Kyle Fogg goes to the line for three shots!

Arizona showing their athleticism and defensive poise with a string of fast break points off of steals (UA 32 – Cal 31 w/ 4:23 minutes to go in the 1st)

Two fouls on Sanders-Frison.

I’ve been saying it for months now, Solomon Hill is a serious star in the making. He has glimmers of star power each game. With him making plays like grabbing the offensive board and then turning a quick steal into a trip to the line, he proves me right! (UA 29 – Cal 31 w/ 6:57)

Defense is going to have to improve to pull this one out. (UA 26 – Cal 28 w/ about 9 minutes to go in the 1st)

Kryl hits a jumper for the first time in about a month.

Interior game is amiss from the game.

Cal penetration is killing Arizona. I wonder how long we can live on the perimeter.

Note: Jamelle Horne has never committed a “legitimate” foul.