Commissioner Ruling 003

Posted on February 5, 2011 by



Hits that result in “Who is the current President?” sorts of questions are what the entire sport of football is predicated on. They are why middle-aged, has been, blue-collar Americans wait for countless hours in subzero temperatures in body paint and booze-induced rally cries! Man up or bow out, but don’t rain on the party under your false pretenses of player safety.


This sport hurts people. They have to wear sports engineered helmets! They wear countless pads! What are pads and helmets for? Answer: Protection from injury while partaking in activities that would normally cause damage to the human body. Now, it appears we have arrived at a degree issue. What degree of damage inflicted on a player is acceptable? Where is the line in the sand?


Don’t get me wrong, I love football and I do not want to see anyone hurt, but, concurrently, the sport is a vicious one and one that is not known for its gentlemanly formalities.

If the NFL seriously was concerned with issues of player safety in regards to hits-to-the head and other sorts of quality of life damaging hits, they should address it in a manner that would display a no-tolerance policy towards that. These men make too much money for that to be a a driving motivational force in their on-field actions. However, removing them from the field of play via suspensions that impact both their salary and their playing time might indeed achieve the sort of results they are looking for.

With that being said, the way to demonstrate concern for life and safety is to put forth a zero-tolerance policy that motivates players to conform, not arbitrarily assign monetary fines when hits occur and then at the same time propose an extended season with countless further opportunities for player injury.

– Commissioner Quillin