Why Williams Needs Another Year as a Wildcat

Posted on February 25, 2011 by


Derrick Williams is a sophomore at the University of Arizona weighing in at 241 pounds and stretches a solid 6′-8″ inches into the air. He averages over 19 points and over 8 rebounds a game. He is not yet out of his teenage years and is being heralded as the next potential lottery pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. This is a case against his turning professional at this juncture in his career.

Many say that if you are a potential lottery pick in the NBA Draft, you go and that is the end of the story. However, there are more factors that contribute to this huge decision facing such a young individual.

First off, there is a looming NBA lockout at present, similar to what is happening in the NFL, that has to do with the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the team administrations and the players. With the uncertainty of a season even taking place next year, this places great doubts on one’s decision to jump into the tangled mess.

Secondly, Williams is a not a true small forward or power forward, as per NBA position match-ups. Granted, a team can always just use him in some sort of hybrid scheme, but that might be asking a lot of a rookie player, even though it is DWill. Additionally, if he decides to compete for the small forward position, or what we call a “3,” then it is essential that he develop his outside shooting and like yesterday. Yes, he shoots an obnoxious percentage from three-point range now, but that is in college and in a weaker conference. Wait until he is staring Ron Artest in the face and trying to jack up a three-ball. Not going to end well. With that being said, if he decides to compete for the power forward position, or what we call a “4,” in the post, he will need to not only put on some necessary bulk to compete in the interior with guys like Lamar Odom, but he will also need to increase his repertoire of moves down there.

He has the speed to be tricky for 4’s, but lacks the size to maybe compete and finish all the time. He has the bulk to cause some 3’s issues in the post, but lacks the outside shooting ability to make them truly honor his capabilities from range.

If he were to come back, that would appease all of these issues mentioned above. Plus, it is college, the greatest years of his life! Why rush what is certain to be a lot of money and brilliant fame. If he stays, he will undoubtedly make the sort of NBA splash that both he and his faithful Wildcat fans want.