BYU Is Not A Number One

Posted on March 12, 2011 by


With “Selection Sunday” looming, talk continues to circulate about the possibility of Brigham Young becoming a number one seed in the NCAA Tournament.  This talk seems to be a waste of oxygen, but for the sake of argument let’s break down their candidacy and why they are most certainly NOT a number one seed.

First off when looking at their 30-3 record, BYU certainly looks like a dominant team with a strong chance at a number one seed.  They have racked up an impressive record and destroyed some teams in true blow-out fashion.  However, as Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee would say, schools in stronger conferences (like Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Kansas, and even Notre Dame) don’t take time beating up on the Little Sisters of the Poor.  This comment holds true in this case and coincidentally Gee was talking about another Mountain West Conference team, TCU, when he made the remark way back in football season.

"Look BYU isn't a number 1 seed, so if they keep stomping us, what does that say about us?"

BYU’s biggest victories are over their in conference competition in the form of San Diego State (who is also grossly over-rated).  BYU dismantled the Aztecs twice, while SDSU was holding a number four ranking; first by a score of 71-58 then in San Diego 80-67.  The only other quality victory over a relatively quality team was against my very own Arizona Wildcats, by a score of 87-65.  Now because I’m sensible I can recognize the fact that my own team, Arizona, is good but they’re by no stretch of the imagination a number one.  Heck they’re hardly a top 10 team.  So BYU dismantling them early in the year really doesn’t hold much more footing than them clobbering an enormously overrated SDSU.  BYU is good but when your big three victories are SDSU twice, and Arizona you don’t hold a candle to about half of the Big East Conference where seemingly every game is against a top 25 team.

Even more telling than their lack of victories over strong teams is their defeats.  BYU dropped two games to UNM and last night played a close one in the Mountain West Conference Tournament.  Now you can write their second loss off as a side effect of losing their second best player in a honor-code violation, but you can’t ignore the first defeat at “The Pit” in Albuquerque.  Also don’t ignore that 86-79 loss they suffered back on December 18th to UCLA.

BYU is a strong team, and certainly deserves one of the higher seeds in the tournament.  However when you’re biggest victories are the destruction of SDSU, it’s hard to garner a number one seed.  Lets be honest, SDSU’s biggest accomplishments this year have been beating an overrated Gonzaga and losing twice to BYU.  The Cougars are good and we’ll see how they do in the big tournament; but they don’t deserve to get a number one seed.