Commish Picks: NCAA Tournament Round 3

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NCAA Tournament Commish Picks: ROUND 3

East Region

Ohio State v. George Mason

George Mason spoiled my pick, but I think my bracket will work out when Ohio State dominates them in an easy route to the Sweet Sixteen.

Final Verdict: Ohio State

– Commissioner Quillin

West Virginia v. Kentucky

Kentucky took care of business in a win 71-63 earlier today.

Final Verdict: Kentucky (71-63)

– Commissioner Quillin

Marquette v Syracuse

Marquette surprised me with their performance and earned the “W” over a Xavier team that simply didn’t show up to play. But, Syracuse will correct the misalignment in the basketball celestial spirits that allowed Marquette to topple Xavier.

Final Verdict:

– Commissioner Quillin

Washington v. North Carolina

Washington had a great showing against Georgia. It is so much easier to watch Washington games now that I can pull for them in the tournament as a family member in the PAC-10. This one has the potential for being a great slug-it-out brawl of a basketball game as both teams love to go at a fast pace. Harrison Barnes’ performance might be the x-factor. If UW can slow him and Isaiah Thomas has a decent game, the Huskies might upset the Tar Heels.

Final Verdict: Washington (AN UPSET)

– Commissioner Quillin


Duke v. Michigan

Easy one, Duke. Michigan might be jacked enough to hang with them through the opening minutes, but the Dukies will prevail easily.

Final Verdict: Duke

– Commissioner Quillin

Arizona v. Texas

This will be a good, good game! Texas has the experience throughout the season of performing in big games and even earned a #1 rank for a bit. However, Arizona has everything to win, whereas Texas has everything to lose. I see Derrick Williams taking Jordan Hamilton to school and proving why he is National Player of the Year!

Final Verdict: Arizona

– Commissioner Quillin

Pick with your head and not your heart.  U of A will fall.

-Commissioner Byrd

Cincinnati v. UConn

Kemba will take the Huskies on his back and have a solid performance over Cincinnati!

Final Verdict: UConn

– Commissioner Quillin

Temple v. San Diego State

The Aztecs should handedly take care the Temple. Leonard might have a field day in their interior, especially with his wing-man Billy White.

Final Verdict: SDSU

– Commissioner Quillin


Kansas v. Illinois

Illinois just came off of an impressive win over UNLV, but they don’t have the star-power or team dynamics to overcome the endless menagerie of Jayhawk weapons.

Final Verdict: Kansas

– Commissioner Quillin

Richmond v. Morehead State

Richmond has had a tougher road to where they are now and I think they can overcome the virtually unconscious Morehead State shooters. They couldn’t miss against Louisville. I see Richmond coming out on top of this dog fight.

Final Verdict: Richmond

– Commissioner Quillin

Virginia Commonwealth v. Purdue

JaJuan Johnson will win this single-handedly. VCU has had great team ball all year, but Purdue is the end of the road. The Boilermakers are ready and willing to push through to the Sweet Sixteen.

Final Verdict: Purdue

– Commissioner Quillin

Florida State v. Notre Dame

This will be a great battle. The Fighting Irish have some great team dynamics and are working very well behind Ben Hansbrough. Florida State has had a few inspiring moments throughout the season, including a win over Duke!

Final Verdict: Notre Dame

– Commissioner Quillin


Pittsburgh v. Butler

I feel Butler might do this one. Pittsburgh did come from the big and scary Big East, but Butler has a great leader in Howard and the experience to potentially make this a big-time upset.

– Commissioner Quillin

Kansas State v. Wisconsin

I think Wisconsin can pull this one out. But, at the same time, Kansas State is playing their best ball of the year and starting to live up to all the preseason hype last year. Pullen might have enough in his bag of tricks to out-do the great Badger guard Taylor.

Final Verdict: Wisconsin

– Commissioner Quillin

Gonzaga v. BYU

I think this will be Jimmer’s last game of his college career. I think the Zags have enough in the tank to overcome the lights-out shooting of Jimmer. Without Davies in the interior for BYU, they are going to struggle!

Final Verdict: Gonzaga

– Commissioner Quillin

UCLA v. Florida

UCLA did exactly what they wanted to do… stay in the game with an option to win the game at the end. However, with just over two and a half minutes to go, the Gators opened up a six-point lead that they never relinquished.

Final Verdict: Florida

– Commissioner Quillin