Arizona Jukes Past Duke Into the Elite 8

Posted on March 25, 2011 by


In a game where everything had to necessarily go well for the Wildcats to earn the “W,” it did. The Arizona Wildcats destroyed the defending national champions, the Duke Blue Devils.

If it hasn’t happened before now, which I assume it hasn’t given that his name was left off the four man Naismith Award list, Derrick Williams established himself as a household name that everyone will know from now on whether he is playing for a three or a four letter acronym league next year. This man will be making splashes in the basketball community for many years to come. With 25 points in the first half to single-handedly carry to team to stay within striking distance, Williams performed his national television “Hulk Smash” for the nation to see finished with a career-high 32 points and 13 rebounds.

It is an incontrovertible fact that Derrick Williams is the most efficient play in the entire country. Last night, he also displayed that he has the intangibles to make him a truly special player.

In the second half of Arizona’s onslaught  Duke, the team showed up. With Williams carrying the load at 25 of their 38 first half points, the Wildcats needed to show up as a team – and the did! Momo Jones ended with his best half of his life ending with 16 points, 6 assists and, catch this, 0, as in Z-E-R-O, turnovers against the defending national champions and National Player of the Year contender Dukes’s point guard Nolan Smith.

Solomon Hill has now demonstrated in the past two games the sort of impact he is capable of on a consistent basis. I have been saying it all year, that he can give more, he is talented enough tobe a legitimate threat for other teams to take account of. He is showing it. He ended the game with 13 points and 5 rebounds. This is the sort of team play from the second half that is absolutely essential to the Wildcats’ success come tomorrow night when we face the UConn huskies. Analysis to be found here.

The Wildcats came out in the second half and attacked from start to finish. The Wildcats out-hustled, out-rebounded, and out-played the Blue Devils last night to earn their place in the Elite 8.