Arizona Basketball Roster Speculation: 2011-2012 Season

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Goody! Goody! It is never too soon to start the speculations!

As of right now, there are two discussions to have, one assuming Derrick Williams leaves for the NBA and one hoping he stays.

With Derrick Williams, the roster is as follows (Assuming next years grade levels)…

  1. MoMo Jones (Jr. – PG)
  2. Jordin Mayes (So. – PG)
  3. Josiah Turner (Fr. – PG)
  4. Brendon Lavender (Sr. – PG/SG)
  5. Kyle Fogg (Sr. – SG)
  6. Daniel Bejarano (Fr. – SG)
  7. Nick Johnson (Fr. – SG)
  8. Solomon Hill (Jr. – SF)
  9. Kevin Parrom (Jr. – SF)
  10. Derrick Williams (Jr. – PF)
  11. Jesse Perry (Sr. – PF)
  12. Sidiki Johnson (Fr. – PF)
  13. Angelo Chol (Fr. – PF)
  14. Kyryl Natyazhko (Jr. – C)

Thanks to ridiculous NCAA sanctions of the program, we are still dealing with the loss of one scholarship spot on the roster and, thus, leaves us with only 12 scholarship spots of the 13 all other schools are allowed. As you can see, there are 14 people on that list above.

First, it is assumed that Jamelle Horne, as the only roster-designated senior, is graduating. Secondly, Alex Jacobson is essentially a senior academically after redshirting his freshman year. With the loaded front court next season and his lack of playing time, it is understood that he will be moving on to greener pastures somewhere other than Arizona.Thirdly, Dondre Wise has a one-year conditional scholarship that is certainly not to be extended next year, so there is another departure that we can expect to see.

This brings us to the issues at hand with 14 guys sitting atop a 12-man list. Daniel Bejarano is more than likely going to transfer to another school in search of a better fit and more playing time. he was a highly regarded recruit that held a lot of promise, but didn’t produce enough to earn playing time within Miller’s already uber deep rotation. Bejarano has been extremely humble and absolutely respectable with the position he has found himself in. He has been one of the most animated and invested teammates on the bench and that is to be commended.

Next up, I see two options, one being more plausible than the other. First. Brendon Lavender. I think we will see him transferring for a senior season that somewhere that will give him the court time necessary to improve his skills, where is the only question. I have heard Grand Canyon University up north thrown around some fan forums, but there is no substance to those statements. Former Interim Coach Russ Penell is coaching up there now and might provide a good environment/relationship for BLav to step into, but I don’t know.

The second and less likely option involved K-Real. Natyazhko is clearly a Miller and crowd favorite. Miller has always something positive to say about the guy, even at times when I didn’t see it. Miller gets over $2 mil a year, so I assume he knows more and sees more of him than I do. I know that many fans, myself included, deemed Wildcats’ No. 1 an insta-foul player at one point in the season. My friends and I would count the seconds until we heard the whistle of the refs calling him for his first foul every time he checked into the game. Anyways, the next option is that he goes pro in Europe. He was extremely effective this past summer averaging Derrick Williams-esque numbers in the European Under-20 tournament. Perhaps, he just fits into that sort of play better, I am unsure. I say this is less likely, just because of Miller’s attitude toward him and is consistent improvement throughout the year. He played valuable and solid minutes throughout the tournament, though the box score does not reflect it. His mere size and presence alters shots and defenses. that might be a positive for the Wildcats heading into next year that allows Derrick and the new freshmen to work within their more natural positions.

Assuming the Derrick Williams enters the NBA Draft, only one of the above scenarios would have to take place. I would see Bejarano leaving as more probably, given his three years of eligibility left.


Next Discussion: Starting Line-Up

– Commissioner Quillin