Commissioner Ruling 006/007

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006 – Cheap shots when your team is losing significantly, or not, have no place in sports.

007 – The NBA whistle-happy referees with their new technical foul policy need to be flogged at the “discretion” of someone else as an appropriate response to their lack of “discretion.”


006 – Dallas Mavericks’ Jason Terry’s blatant foul on the Los Angeles Lakers’ Steve Blake on March 31, 2011 in the Staples Center.

007 – The season’s whistle-happy zebras are evidence supporting this ruling. Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard being suspended and the whistle-jamboree every game with the slightest bit of any contact.



006 – I love my Arizona Wildcats, but the Mav’s Jason Terry was out of line in his cheap and uncalled for foul on the Lakers’ Steve Blake. Not only could Blake have been hurt, but it is just the weakest outlet of frustration in any sporting event. Not to mention, the Mavs were down by 17 at that point. Fouls like that do nothing, but show your team’s immaturity and lack of poise. Real champion-esque move Terry!

Additionally, let us state that the actions of Laker Matt Barnes are to be commended. He was not going to allow his teammate to be treated like that without his two cents on the matter. If the other team, i.e. Terry, decides that he is going to behave like that, the Commissioners condone and encourage the teammates of the “foulee” (Blake) to protect and support their teammate. Terry deserved the response he got for that lame foul.

Side Note: What was the other team’s coach grabbing Barnes for? What an idiot! You NEVER grab another team’s player buddy. As an NBA coach, you think he would know this unspoken rule quite well by now.

007 – As many have said since the March 31st game discussed above, in the 1980’s, there wouldn’t have been a technical foul called all game. They would have called the foul and taken the ball out. I understand that there are precautions the league is attempting to take against overly physical gameplay that endangers the health and safety of the players, but basketball is a physical game and these men have all played it their entire lives. To eliminate any and all physicality is to inhibit the spirit of the game.

The Commissioners rule that the NBA revisit this new technical foul rule by the beginning of next season and restore the exciting and physical competition of athletes to its rightful place.

– Commissioner Quillin