Are You Paying Attention NCAA?

Posted on April 5, 2011 by


Let me start by just answering the question posed by the title of this post; no, the NCAA is not paying attention. Let me continue by beating my dead horse: the NCAA couldn’t possibly be paying attention if it thinks Cam Newton should have been allowed to play in the FBS National Title game. Now that I’ve got that out of my system, lets get onto the real story here.

Be thankful that you got the opportunity Butler, because if this was football you would be out of luck.

It’s no secret how disappointing Monday night’s NCAA Basketball National Championship was.  The game was an embarrassment for even the champion Connecticut Huskies, not to mention the Butler Bulldogs.  While the game was a bust, we can’t ignore the potential it presented.  It showed a legitimately exciting reality that we just dont get the opportunity to see in college football.  A return of an otherwise “no-name” school to the promise-land of a national title game.  Before last year’s run down to the wire with Duke and this year’s breath taking victory over number one seed Pittsburgh, nobody could have told you Butler’s mascot let alone the location of their campus.  Not only did this year’s national title game give us a taste of the little school becoming a household name, we also saw the usual platter of upsets.  Perhaps most interestingly though we saw a cinderella come incredibly close to the national title game.  Virginia Commonwealth captured our attention and their unique and energetic coach made us all pull for them in some way.  Now some would say Butler was a Cinderella too, but making a national title game the year before pulls you out of the running for Cinderella in my book.

What the NCAA should take away from the excitement of this year’s tournament is the fair chance it provided this year’s teams.  As anybody who ever played in an NCAA tournament pool will tell you, there’s just no for sure way of knowing exactly which 11 seed will upset a 6 or when an 11 seed will make it all the way to beating a number 1 seed.  Thus, the beauty of the tournament right?  Through this logic it ought to become obvious that a playoff system ought to be embraced in football as well.

Now before you all start jumping ship and ripping on the outcome of this year’s national title, hear me out.  While the national title may not have been as exciting as we could have hoped, I can think of plenty #1 vs #2 absolute boring national title games in NCAA football.  Florida vs. Ohio State anyone? The fact of the matter is, even if the play was sloppy you can’t deny the overall thrill of watching the game thinking “wow UConn was so banged up yet rattled off 11 wins,” or “Butler may actually get to bring home a national title to such a small school with kids that probably no big school like UConn would have taken.”  Think how disappointing it would have been if the selection committee just said, alright the national title in basketball this year is going to be between Kansas and Ohio State…or worse…Duke and Pittsburgh!  As the tournament clearly showed us these teams couldn’t get through the games when they mattered most.  Don’t get me wrong, record would suggest these number one seeds are the best and 9 games out of 10 they most likely are but that one game is the beauty of sport.

Alas, the NCAA couldn’t possibly be listening because they’re too busy bathing in the countless dollars they make from big school match ups like Ohio St and Florida.  The NCAA doesn’t want to see Boise State and TCU match up, and the executive’s stomachs will probably burst in the unlikely event that Butler plays VCU for the basketball national title next year.