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The Commissioner’s Ballot-2011 ASG Final Vote

July 4, 2011


While we at The Commissioners have our problems with the questionable selections for the 2011 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, we’re glad to see that fans have the opportunity to rectify some wrongs by San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy and Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington.  MLB has once again allowed fans to place their […]

POLL: Who Would You Rather See in the MLB All-Star Game?

July 2, 2011


MLB Lets Everyone Swing

July 2, 2011


The 82nd Major League Baseball All-Star Game is under 11 days away and, with that, MLB is trying its very best to make the event less appealing.  Recently, MLB announced changes to one of All-Star Weeks biggest events, the Home Run Derby.  Before we delve into it, lets take a quick trip down memory lane […]

The Commissioner’s Ballot-2011 MLB All-Star Game

June 18, 2011


The Mid-Summer Classic is rapidly approaching and balloting for the starters is coming to a close.  While recently released another batch of updates (AL NL), I thought it would be best to release the “Commissioner Approved” ballot selections.  I usually withhold my voting until the last day, to guarantee that I vote the best […]

Realignment Needs to Be Re-Thought

June 14, 2011


Major League Baseball is currently toying with the idea of realigning the American League and National League in hopes of creating two 15-team leagues.  Additionally, MLB is tacking on playoff expansion to include a one game play-in scenario for the fourth and fifth ranked teams in each league.  While MLB Commissioner Bud Selig already mentioned […]

Cool NFL Helmet Debates: No Room For Cleveland

May 17, 2011

0 ran a column today that ranked the top 10 NFL helmets.  Now, as many readers of the article already pointed out, this is far from the top NFL story, considering that whole lockout business.  Nonetheless, ESPN kept the story up as the first read on the NFL page and it dominated as the top […]

The Joke Is On You

April 19, 2011


An article on recently detailed comments by Baltimore Raven’s receiver Derrick Mason regarding NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his will to implement testing of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).  It’s no secret that the current NFL labor agreement predicament has brought out the ugly and dumbest comments from players.  Now Derrick Mason has come forward […]