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Commissioner Tyler Quillin

Commissioner Tyler Quillin is a senior studying Philosophy and English Literature at the University of Arizona. He maintains his own blog and has written for the Arizona Daily Wildcat’s Opinions column. As most are aware, one of Commissioner Quillin’s many passions is sports and after a few in-depth conversations about sports with Commissioner Byrd, this sports blog project was conceived.

Quillin grew up a diehard UCLA fan thanks to his father and has since come to develop a great interest in collegiate sports at large. After carrying his Cristian Youth Organization basketball team on his back at the tender age of 12 and getting no attention from Division 1 coaches or recruiters, Quillin retired and resigned himself to critique and comment from his chair, forever. Coaches have still not taken account of him. For now, he remains a Wildcat through and through with opinions on everything from toasters to Chad Johnson(Yes, Johnson, Commission Quillin refuses to deign to call him by his changed surname) to NCAA officiating to Oregon uniform shenanigans.

“As long as you got game, I got opinions.” – Commissioner Quillin

Commissioner Storm Byrd

Commissioner Storm Byrd is a sophomore at the University of Arizona where he is a political science and German studies double major.  Commissioner Byrd is currently serving as an opinions columnist for the Arizona Daily Wildcat and has written for a student-run campus blog titled The Desert Lamp.  For quite some time Commissioner Byrd has aspired to contribute some genuinely fresh and non-regurgitated sports commentary.  With the help of Commissioner Quillin, an opportunity has now presented itself in the form of this blog.

Commissioner Byrd has an undying passion for both football and baseball.  Nonetheless, he offers thoughts and views on all things relevant to the sporting world.  Commissioner Byrd played both football and baseball while in high school and served as a varsity baseball captain while lettering multiple years.  Although Commissioner Byrd sometimes details his old glories and stories, he is in no way an “Uncle Rico” type who talks about how badly they want to go back in time to “take state.”  It is important to point out however, that Commissioner Byrd will occasionally tell you that he can “throw a ball over them there mountains.”

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